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The Generator

During the weekend of April 6-8, 2018, a class of 11 UNR students created a virtual-reality tour of The Generator, an “inclusive art space” in Sparks. Embedded within the VR tour are 5 audio interviews, and one video loop. The VR tour explores 12 different interior locations, as well as the exterior of the building, the starting point of the VR environment. Click on the red hotspot to enter the building.

The Generator community introduces itself:
“We dream. We convene. We create. We make. We’re inspired by the magic and inspiration we see in all its enormity at Burning Man each summer, and we want to keep it alive all year. We combine forces and share resources in the name of creative growth and community involvement for all.”

Touch here
for the mobile version.
Touch here
for the HMD version.

The photographers and VR creators were Demitri Bannoura. Jade Baptista, Taylor Burnett, Pooyan Ghaziani, Joshua Hall, Meghan Michel, Rayla Noqueira Frota, Nisha Sridharan. Shevawn Von Tobel, Madison Weingardt, and Teige Zeller. Teaching Assistant: Sudhiti Naskar.

VR Photography Group

Click on the image to see the group of photographers in virtual reality.
(Teige Zeller)