A Day in the Life of Reno – March 28, 2015 - All Around Reno
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A Day in the Life of Reno – March 28, 2015

Inspired by Rick Smolen’s successful Day in the Life series of photography books, the Spring 2015 Photojournalism class (JOUR 313) created as their class documentary project “A Day in the Life of Reno.” on Saturday, March 28, each of the 14 students in the class covered two different assignments in the downtown Reno area. The resulting collection does not claim to show all aspects of daily life in Reno, but it does give a revealing snapshot of a specific moment in time.

Class participants:
Luiza Benisano, Mark Berthoumieux, KiKi Brisker, Andrea Brown, Shelby Brown, Rayna Charnley, JD Christison, Andrew Gilbreth, Rocio Hernandez, Karlye Kost, Julia Lee, Joshua Putney, Shani Ramirez, and Danny Schuveiller.


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