Genoa Antique Store

Ron Bommarito took over the Genoa Antique Shop in 1969. He focuses on all types of historic objects, but is mainly interested in collecting things that represent the history of the West. The shop is packed full with thousands of antiques, worth from $5 to many thousands. The tiny place is so full of items it is difficult to walk through it unless you keep your arms at your sides. From the initial view you can click to enter the store, or click the other hotspots to explore the neighborhood behind this building.

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The Virtual-reality panorama (above) was made by Elspeth Summersgill and Howard Goldbaum. The interview with Ron Bommarito (below) is by Colton Witt.





Click for The Old Saloon

Click for Genoa Cenetery

Click for Snowshoe Thompson

Click for Intro Page


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    1. Tami Butera says:

      Miss visiting our favorite antique adventure since 1969!! Since we sold our Tahoewe don’t get there. I guess I will try to call….Tami butera

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