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Wolf Pack Radio Studios, by KiKi Brisker (S-2015)

Wolf Pack Radio is a student-run organization at the University of Nevada Reno. Students are allowed to host their own radio shows 24/7.

The Little Waldorf Saloon; by Jordann Bowler

The historic Lil’ Waldorf has been in Reno since 1922. It lies across the street from the University of Nevada, Reno and proudly displays Wolf Pack Spirit. From the UNLV rebels hanging from the ceiling to pictures old and new of UNR athletes, the Lil’ Waldorf has amazing decor.

The Main Quad; by Nicole Zander

The lovely, giant elm trees of the University of Nevada, Reno quad were planted in 1908. When the University was in its infancy, it was strictly forbidden for underclassmen to ever set foot on the Quad.

Cantina del Lobo; by Niesha Jones

El Cantina del Lobo offers Mexican-style lunch and dinner menus from the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union. Students and staff utilize their daily specials and enjoy the creative atmosphere. Often times, it is the place to go for viewing UNR football away games.

Fall, ’11 JOUR 451-651 Class

These were the students enrolled in JOUR 451 and 651 for the fall, 2009 semester.

Mackay School of Mines, UNR; by Lucy Osborne

The Mackay School of Mines building was dedicated in 1908, along with the Mackay statue by sculptor Gutzon Borglum who would later earn fame with his project at Mount Rushmore.

Morrill Hall, UNR; by Kim Williams

Morrill Hall was the first building constructed on the University of Nevada, Reno campus after the University relocated from Elko to Reno in 1885.

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