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The Discovery Museum; by Zach Volkert

The three-stories-high structure is more than a play place, it’s a recreation of the Tahoe-Pyramid water system that kids can watch in action after making the climb to the top of the clouds.

National Automobile Museum; by Katie Romanko

The National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) has more than 200 cars with authentic street scenes and sounds.

Reno Amtrak Station; by Andrew Perkins

The Central Pacific Railroad reached Reno in the spring of 1868. The town’s first railroad station was build the next year.

Reno Post Office; by Lucy Osborne

The downtown Reno post office was designed by Frederick DeLongchamps in 1932 and opened in 1934.

Pioneer Center; by Sean Mazner

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts opened in 1968. The auditorium is topped with a 140-foot diameter gold-anodized geodesic dome made up of 500 faceted panels.

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