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Watershed Sculptures, by Karlye Kost (S-2015)

The Watershed Sculptures along the Carson river near Genoa were created by artists Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien. The sculptures are designed to address sites in need of environmental remediation.

An Introduction to Genoa

Genoa, Nevada was founded in 1850, the first settlement in the Nevada Territory. This community was home to Nevada’s first hotel, newspaper, and court.

Genoa Cemetery

The Genoa Cemetery was opened in the 1860s, on land donated by Senator J. W. Haines.

Snowshoe Thompson Statue

Snowshoe Thomson was the only person to transport mail on a regular basis between the east side of the Sierra Nevada and the foothill mining communities of California.

Genoa Antique Store

Ron Bommarito took over the Genoa Antique Shop in 1969. He focuses on all types of historic objects, but is mainly interested in collecting things that represent the history of the West.

Old Genoa Saloon

The Genoa Bar first opened in 1853, as Livingston’s Exchange. The saloon was a first class gentleman’s saloon in those days, serving fine wines, liquor, and cigars.

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