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Donner Peak, by Josh Putney (S-2015)

This is a view of Donner lake from a hiking trail in the Truckee area. Above this viewpoint in the distance are the old snow sheds from the original route of the Transcontinental Railroad.

View from Snow Shed Roof, by Markelor Berthoumieux (S-2015)

Concrete snow sheds protected the original route of the Central Pacific Railway across Donner Summit from frequent avalanches. This route was used from 1868 until 1993.

Donner Summit; by Morgan Adamski

This lookout point is a beautiful place to take in this scenery. There is also a link to snowsheds that provide another lookout area to view this wonderful place.

Donner Lake Beach; by Caitlin Filer

Donner Lake was named after the unfortunate Donner Party, which spent a long and tragic winter near the lake in 1846. A museum on the northeast shore has artifacts from the period.

Donner Lake Dock; by Krystal McMullen

In a particularly cold winter Donner Lake might freeze, unlike Lake Tahoe, its much deeper neighbor to the south.

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